How We Evaluate Wines and Spirits

The tasting panel at Uncharted Wines judges wines and spirits on the following scale:

  • 98–100 – World Class

  • 94–97 – First-Rate

  • 90–93 – Excellent

  • 86–89 – Very good

  • 81–85 – Good

  • 75–80 – Acceptable

  • 0-74 – Not Recommended


Please note wines are judged on the varietal blend.  Given our focus is celebrating wine beyond the usual suspects, varietal prejudice does not exist here, and grapes that are not the main vitis vinifera types will often be judged.  Our evaluation determines if the varietal or blend in the glass represents the ideal standards of that particular varietal.  Some palates may consider a 94 point Cabernet Sauvignon to be superior to a 94 point Chardonel, but that comparative quality analysis isn’t always appropriate when covering different wine regions, climates, and conditions.  Our hope is that you seek out highly rated wines you are not familiar with and join us on our journey.