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Wine Review: Petit Vanilla Bean Wine

When you make it your mission to taste unusual wines and spirits, people take you up on it. We tasted “chocolate wine” long before it was briefly cool. Since then, we have seen the rise and fall of strawberry, coconut, red velvet, and mint flavored wines, some of which we tasted, some of which we were lucky enough to avoid. Some of these were better than the mesquite, prickly pear, garlic, lemon, lime, tomato, and jalapeno wines we have been offered in the past, some of these were worse. So when someone brings a bottle of Petit Vanilla Bean wine, you try it. Because sometimes having a story to tell makes it all worth it. This wine can be purchased at Aldi, and knowing how they operate, will only be available for a limited time.

Billed as “a blend of white wine with rich vanilla flavor and finest cream” the wine is of German origin and they leave it at that. It tastes slightly richer than vanilla creamer. Smells like vanilla coffee creamer too. Doesn’t cost much more either. Vanilla is artificial in nature, but we’ve tasted much worse vanilla flavor.

Is it horrible? No. It is simply ok. Put in coffee if that’s your jam, or make a blender drink with it. If over the top Chi-Chi’s mixes are your thing, you will find plenty of uses for this. Someone somewhere has combined a bottle of this, a blender, and some ice and is having a lot of fun right now. So, go ahead and try it if you’re curious. You will have a story to tell.

Charted Details:

Wine: Petit Vanilla Bean

From: Aldi USA

From: Germany

Varietals: Unknown

ABV: 6%

Price: $6

Rating: 75 pts