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The Journey Continues

Ever since our tasting panel started Uncharted Wines and Spirits, our plans have continually gone out the window. We planned on writing reviews but not doing publicity. People found out about our site and that went out the window. People started subscribing to us and we had no idea how they found out about us. We planned on keeping it small but we get now get several hundred unique visitors a day.

We are gratified by the readership and know it just proves people want to know more about wines and spirits outside the few regions that get all the attention.

A podcast was featuring a well-known Napa winemaker the other day. We won't name him, but he makes great wines and has a great story. But it was also the sixth or seventh time we had heard this same exact story. And the whole time this story was airing, we could only think "why?"

This is not a knock on him, his wines, or his story, again, they are all great. But we started this website to tell stories you don't know. We want to speak to people making wine and spirits in regions that escape the mainstream's notice. We want to record interviews that twenty years from now people will use as sources when they write the history of now-established wine regions and well-known distilleries. And we want to tell stories of pioneers who have done the hard work behind the scenes for years.

Looking forward, expect us to shift from daily reviews to 3-4 a week. Also expect something we are looking forward to-feature articles and interviews. We planned to start this feature in the summer, but again, readership being what it is moved up our timeline. Our first feature interview drops Monday, and we really think you will like it.

Thanks for joining us on the journey. Please share us with your friends, subscribe if you don't already, and follow our social media feeds.

Thanks again for your support.


The Uncharted Tasting Panel