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Spirit Review: Blumenpflücker

Blumenpflücker, like many good liqueurs these days, has a fanciful story behind it, but with a name like that, you expect it. Supposedly, a German princess made the transatlantic crossing in 1721 and brought with her herbs and spices to make the booze on board her ship more palatable, which other German immigrants likewise adopted, becoming the Blumenpflücker distilled and bottled in Texas today. Not quite as fanciful as villagers biking down bouquets of elderflowers, but it will do in a pinch.

Blumenpflücker means “flower picker” and seems to wanna straddle the line of being enjoyed as a shot like Jägermeister and being used in cocktails like amaro. The bottle undoubtedly draws you in, with its folk-inspired design and that name which you keep repeating over and over again, usually with an accent.

But what does it taste like?

Medium golden brown in the glass, which is a bit surprising since the bottle is red. Nose is complex, so it takes a bit to sort it out. Anise, cardamom, menthol, dominate, with fennel and nutmeg behind that. Caramel, toffee and ginger up front with pepper, cinnamon, and cola and on the mid-palate, and a medium mostly smooth finish of sasparilla, fennel, and nutmeg.

Not nearly as ponderous as most bitter liqueurs, with a lighter body and zippier finish. I wouldn’t want to be doing shots of this (“fluckerbombs” as they are called), but would certainly recommend this on a rock or two or in cocktails originally calling for heavier amaro.

Charted Details

Spirit: Blumenpflücker

From: Southwest Spirits, Texas

ABV: 35%

Price: $19

Rating: 89 pts

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