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Spirit Review: Bloom Gin

Whenever someone says “I don’t like gin” we have a whole stable of classic cocktails that will change their mind. Gin is the workhorse of the cocktail bar, with only bourbon being as widely used. But for many cocktails, it is subsumed by the other ingredients, and a well-stocked cocktail bar could probably get along just fine with a bottle of Beefeater for the London Dry category, Porter’s for Old Tom, and Plymouth and call it a day. The standard is include another bottle on a crowded bar is high. So when we got a bottle in the London Dry category that markets itself as “gin for women” we rolled our eyes and prepared for the worst. However, if you can get past the marketing, Bloom delivers a great flavor profile.

By the marketing and the name, you would suspect Bloom is quite floral, and you would be right. Chamomile and honeysuckle, with orange blossom and lemon zest, with barely any juniper noted on the nose. The juniper is very much there up front once you taste it, and the floral notes take a back seat to the mid-palate. Black pepper on the long finish. More viscous than expected, slightly oily feel in the mouth.

Bloom works well in a gin and tonic with a twist of lime, with Fentitman’s Rose Lemonade, or any floral gin cocktail like the Aviation or Bee’s Knees.

Charted Details

Spirit: Bloom Gin

From: G&J Distillers, Warrington, United Kingdom

ABV: 40%

Price: $35

Rating: 91 pts

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