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Spirit Review: Best Vineyards Blackberry Liqueur

Since Indiana passed a craft distillery act in 2013, several Hoosier wineries expanded into distilling. One of the more extensive operations is Best Vineyards, located in the Indiana Uplands AVA in the southeastern part of the state. Our tasting panel recently tasted their Blackberry Liqueur.

Sugar evident in the viscous pour. Nose has medium-low blackberry aroma, with a touch of citrus. Warming in the mouth, touch of bramble fruit tartness, blackberry flavor not cloying. In comparision to Combier or Giffards, a touch thin. Short finish.

Where the liqueur really came alive was with dry sparkling wine. The effervescence in this Kir Royale variation really brought out the nose and flavors of this liqueur.

Charted Details

Spirit: Blackberry Liqueur

From: Best Vineyards, Indiana

ABV: 20%

Price: $25

Rating: 86 pts

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