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Spirit Review and Recipe: Lazzaroni Peach Amaretto

Amaretto is one of those liqueurs (like sloe gin) many drink when they first start drinking, but unfortunately they often have the cheap, artificially flavored, version. It can take some persuasion to overcome those memories to seek out some good amaretto, which is made from real apricot pits and almonds.

Lazzaroni makes excellent amaretto (in fact they are the original maker of this liqueur), crafting it from an old recipe involving an infusion of Amaretti del Chiostro di Saronno cookies. Recently, they introduced Peach Amaretto, simply adding some peach liqueur to the mix. Our tasting panel recently sat down with a bottle.

Medium caramel in the glass, almond, peach, and orange blossom on the nose. A panelist said it smells like peach pie is baking. The balance of almonds, biscuit, and peaches is well done. We have included a recipe we devised below, or just use it on the rocks, in a cocktail where amaretto is called for, and of course with a Bellini. Another thought is to soak it in peaches and then add the peaches to a punch, cocktail, or iced tea. While another bottle of amaretto in your bar may seem like overkill, the Lazzaroni touch makes this a worthy addition.

Charted Details

Spirit: Peach Amaretto

From: Lazzaroni Saronno, Italy

ABV: 24%

Price: $25

Rating: 92 pts

Recipe: Bourbon Amaretto

1 ½ ounces Bourbon (we used Backbone Bourbon)

¾ ounce Amaretto Peach

2 dashes Fee Brothers Toasted Almond Bitters

Combine all ingredients in a double old-fashioned, stir. Add large ice cube and serve.

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