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Review: Vinkolet Sweet Jackie

Fruit wines are often a mixed bag. What those who drink only grape wines don't realize is they require a skilled hand that balances the varying acidity levels of your source fruits with the desired sweetness all the while maintaining color and ensuring that the wine actually tastes like the source fruit. There are a whole new generation of winemakers who are doing innovative things with fruit wines, and we will be featuring them here in the next several months, but let's not forget the old classics. Vinkolet has been making wine for 35 years in Cincinnati, Ohio, and we recently sat down with their Sweet Jackie, made from blackberries.

Dark purple in the glass, nose of clove, vanilla, and blackberry. Evident this is a sweet wine both from the legs and aroma. Sweetness hits you up front, plenty of blackberry jam from start to long finish. When judging fruit wines, you do want to make sure the wine actually tastes like the fruit, and this one does pass that test with flying colors. It is a touch too sweet, but we suspect that suits Vinkolet's clientele just fine.

Charted Details:

Wine: Sweet Jackie

From: Vinkolet Winery

From: Cincinnati, Ohio

Varietals: Blackberry

ABV: 11%

Price: $18

Rating: 87 points

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