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Review: Restoration Cider Door County Cherry Semi Dry

Based out of Madison, Wisconsin, Restoration Cider was inspired to make cider after visiting Northwest Spain (not Basque country in the Northeast, where our last cider review came from). Their lineup contains several blends of apple juice and some other Wisconsin fruit. Our tasting panel sat down with their Door County Cherry Semi-Dry.

Medium gold, with a pinkish hue, lightly carbonated, just a touch above petillant. Apple up front, giving way to a light yeast note then to tart cherry. Residual sugar is light, and we would call this dry before semi-dry. Medium body, medium tannins. Our panel did discuss whether we would appreciate more sweetness in this cider, and a semi-sweet version would be interesting. But as is, this is a great palate cleanser done with a very light touch.

Charted Details:

Wine: Door County Cider Semi-Dry

From: Restoration Cider, Madison, Wisconsin

ABV: 6.5%

Price: $16 (4 pack)

Rating: 90 points

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