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Review: Nashville Craft Distillery Golden Biscuit Sorghum Spirit

Sorghum based spirits have been around for a while, but they are still enough of a novelty they immediately draw our attention. Sorghum has often been distilled out of desperation. The South during the Civil War and Prohibition were just two times the cereal grain was pressed into service. But in the booze world, everything old is new again, and oftentimes we rediscover the neglected and can’t quite remember why we ever forgot about it. We have seen sorghum rum, vodka, and beer, and it is also the main ingredient in the Chinese spirit baijiu. So when our tasting panel got the chance to broaden our sorghum horizons by tasting Nashville Craft Distillery’s Golden Biscuit Sorghum Spirit, we took it.

First, the name is great, because if you do know sorghum outside of booze, it is likely you are a country kid or a Southerner who was served sweet sorghum syrup over biscuits, but we digress.

Light gold in the glass. Vanilla, honey, hay, and a bit of ginger on the nose. Honey, oak, a bit of raisin up front, caramel, almond and vanilla on the mid-palate, and a long lingering of hay, honey, and almonds. Notably potent, but balanced with all that is going on.

Charted Details:

Spirit: Golden Biscuit Sorghum Spirit

From: Nashville Craft Distillery, Nashville, Tennessee

ABV: 40%

Price: $46

Rating: 94 points

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