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Review: Mountain View Vineyards Noiret

Mountain View Vineyards sits in the Poconos Mountains in the northeast part of the state. The Poconos are full of resorts, as well as recreational areas catering to boaters, hikers, and skiers. The mountain range is also home to seven wineries, with more on the way. Focusing mostly on French-American hybrids, they cater to the tourist crowd while also showing continual improvement in their offerings. Our tasting panel recently sat down with Mountain View’s Noiret (read our primer on Noiret here if you missed it).

Deep purple, nose of blackberry, cocoa, and cassis. Fudge and raspberry up front, followed by blackberry, butterscotch and menthol in the mid-palate, and a finish of smoke and caramel. In fact, it was lots of caramel on the finish that lingered on the palate. Our tasting panel found that quite unique and interesting. The wine is very fruit-forward, and is almost a tale of two wines, as the fruit gives way to the smoke and caramel in a way that is harmonious. Low acid, medium-minus body.

No vintage is listed on the bottle, but this certainly appeared to be young. While this wine certainly had its strengths as a single varietal, the need for a bit more backbone and body would suggest a blend would be better.

After we taste the bottle and write our notes and scores down, our tasting panel reads the label for further discussion. This label compared the wine to a Shiraz, which caused a collective “no” from the group. Perhaps more akin to a Blaufrankish, maybe Pinot Noir, but certainly not Shiraz. We do not deduct points for that, but if you are looking for a wine similar to Shiraz, this is not it.

By the way, several days later, we are still thinking about that caramel note. That has to count for something.

Charted Details:

Wine: Noiret (no vintage stated on bottle)

From: Mountain View Vineyards

From: Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Varietals: Noiret

ABV: 12.5%

Price: $23

Rating: 89 points

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