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Review: Meadiocrity Foundation Traditional Mead

At their best, meads are a sublime blend of honey, alcohol, acidity, tannins, and sweetness. While heavily fruited and high ABV meads are capturing a lot of attention right now, don’t overlook a good traditional mead where the only star is the honey and the craft of the meadmaker. That brings us to a helpful tip when you visit any meadery, brewery, or winery-sample the lighter styles, be it traditional meads, pilsners or dry whites, as that is where pure skill and craft often shines. It is easy to hide flaws behind a lot of fruit, a lot of sugar, or a lot of hops. For a fine example of pure craft, we would suggest trying San Diego’s Meadiocrity Foundation Traditional Mead. Made from locally sourced raw alfalfa honey, it shines on the palate.

Lightly petillant upon pouring. Cloudy (due to the raw honey used), medium amber in color. Nose of honeysuckle, clover, apples, and spice. Semi sweet (but trending towards dry), notes of cloves, cooked apple, tea and citrus zest on the mid-palate, with a long finish of vanilla, ginger and spice. Alfalfa honey comes through wonderfully. This would be wonderful with a wide variety of foods, especially light chicken dishes, fruit salad, and vanilla cake.

Charted Details

Mead: Foundation Traditional

From: Meadiocrity San Diego, California

Notes: Made from raw alfalfa honey

ABV: 12%

Price: $16 (500ml bottle)

Rating: 92 pts

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