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Review: Maui Blanc Pineapple

Maui Wines have received plenty of notice lately. Who doesn’t want to say they tried a wine from Hawaii? Maui is also part of the growing list of wineries attempting to make fruit wines more like traditional grape wine. Some of those wineries have succeeded, some should embrace their fruit for what they are and simply try and make the best fruit wine they can without comparing it to grape wine (featuring it in a mead or fortified style are two other, and often better, options). Luckily, Maui has made a wine worth tasting.

The wine was given to our tasting panel blind, with them only knowing it was a fruit wine. Everyone correctly deduced this was a pineapple wine. There isn’t much complexity, with a medium tropical fruit aroma in the glass unsurprisingly dominated by pineapple. The wine was clean and crisp, and what you expect from a stainless-steel fermentation. Medium finish. Off-dry, this wine might arguably do better with a touch more sweetness to really bring out the pineapple (they also make a sweet pineapple wine). Would be an excellent pairing with Pacific-Rim dishes, country ham, or fruit salad. Substitute it for an off-dry Riesling and see what you think.

Charted Details

Wine: Maui Blanc Pineapple Wine

Winemaker: Maui Wine

From: Hawaii

Varietals: 100% Pineapple

ABV: 11.5%

Price: $12

Rating: 87 pts

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