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Review: Manoir de Grandouet Fermier Brut

French ciders are characterized by their fruity aroma and character, which often comes from slow or arrested fermentation or back-sweetening with juice. Rich and full, they often have spicy and farmyard notes. French ciders represent one of the best values around, mostly costing under $15 for a 750ml. If you like white wine, beer, or bubbly, you will enjoy French cider. Like many ciders, they tend to be low ABV, making them perfect for long summer days. Our tasting panel recently sat down with Manior de Grandouet Fermier Brut, which is an excellent example of the genre.

As is typical with French ciders, brut does not necessarily mean dry, but semi-dry, and that is the case here. On the pour, there is a high amount of carbonation, but not gushing. Persistent mousse. Light haze, medium amber color, smells of funk, light bread, and orange blossom. Once tasted it shows more rustic funk, along with a pleasant toffee and bruised apple note. Medium-low tannins, medium plus body, long finish. We do want to emphasize the carbonation, as it extremely persistent, lingering still 20 minutes later as we worked through the glass. It certainly slows down your rate of drinking, but that’s not always a bad thing.

Charted Details:

Wine: Cidre Fermier Brut

From: Manior de Grandouet,Calvados, France

ABV: 5%

Price: $11

Rating: 92 points

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