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Review: Haus Spiced Cherry

Haus has been getting a lot of attention lately with their slick marketing and massive social media campaign. Made from a wine base and designed as less bitter and less boozy vermouth-type aperitifs, they market themselves as embracing cocktail culture without the hangover. They also bring up their lower sugar content, which seems to be a centerpiece of many recent social media fed marketing campaigns relying on the average person’s ignorance of the fermentation process to make it appear everyone else is dumping sugar and a bunch of artificial ingredients into a bottle. Not sure about the marketing, but our tasting panel recently sat down with their spiced cherry so see what they actually taste like.

Dark pink in the glass, light sweet cherry and spice aroma. Notes of light cherry, pie spice, especially nutmeg, and vanilla on the taste. Medium finish. This is actually more spice than cherry, and despite the advertising that refrigeration preserves the freshness, the spice quickly became dominant the longer it sat in the fridge, and not in a good way. Better with tonic water, which shows you Haus’ major weakness. You can do with just about any amaro, liqueur or booze what Haus wants you do-cut it with soda or tonic and serve over ice with a twist, or add it to bubbly and an aperitif is born. It is less bitter than many spirits used for aperitifs, but it is also more simplistic. There are plenty of bottles out there that will give you what Haus gives you, and give it to you better and cheaper. We have reviewed two spirits that have better cherry flavor than Haus, here and here. Still, a perfectly fine attempt.

Charted Details

Spirit: Haus Spiced Cherry

From: Haus, California

ABV: 20%

Price: $35

Rating: 82 pts

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