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Review: Gurutzeta Original Basque Cider

Basque ciders are, like most things Basque, a delightful blend of the rustic and the funky. Certainly not a cider to start your journey with, they are one enthusiasts snap up when they see one on the shelf, which sadly isn’t often. Our tasting panel recently sat down with Gurutzeta, and it is worth seeking out.

Hazy, light amber on the pour. The directions tell you pour this from a high height to stimulate carbonation, but even then, the carbonation is light. Lemon zest up front, with star fruit, slightly underripe kiwi, light salinity, a bit of funk, dried apricots, and some chalk on the finish. Tremendous palate cleanser. Light residual sugar, light body, medium acidity.

If you’re a beer drinker and you think “something resembling a shandy with a bit of funk” sounds interesting, you will like this. If your experience has been restricted to American cider, this will stretch your boundaries, but try it anyway.

Charted Details:

Wine: Gurutzeta Original Basque Cider

From: Astigarraga, Spain

ABV: 6%

Price: $20 (4 pack)

Rating: 91 points

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