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Review: Crafted Meadery Bananas Foster Forever

Crafted Meadery has been making meads since 2012. Located just outside of Akron, Ohio, they have an interesting and expansive lineup of offerings, which often straddle and blur the lines of mead, cider, beer, and wine. Great labels too, but we don’t award points for that. We recently sat down with the Bananas Foster Forever, which provides novice mead drinkers an easy entry into not only Crafted’s lineup but mead in general.

Petillant in the glass, medium gold in color. Coffee on the nose, with graham cracker and toffee as well. No banana on the nose, interestingly enough. Coffee up front in the mouth, followed by vanilla, caramel, and almonds. Banana comes in last, and comes in stronger the more you are drinking it. Honey aroma and taste really takes a backseat to everything going on here, and we really struggled to find a few clover notes. Those who dislike coffee might be unamused by a mead by this name having such prominent coffee notes. Meads named after desserts can often dissolve into a cloying mess, and we were happy to see the sweetness in check here. Medium plus body, medium sweetness, and a long medium finish.

Charted Details:

Wine: Bananas Foster Forever

From: Crafted Meadery, Mogadore, Ohio

ABV: 6%

Price: $10 (500ml)

Rating: 91 points

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