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Review: Alchemy Spirit House Botanical Rum

Micro and craft distilleries have established a foothold in every state with legislation that allows them. It has been interesting seeing them go from clear spirits to finally being able to release some spirits with some age to them (though many still buy those wholesale). Many seem more focused on in-person cocktail sales than retail sales, but there is nothing wrong with that. The local tavern making the booze they served you in not exactly a new concept after all.

Our tasting panel recently sat down with a bottle of Alchemy Spirit House Botanical Rum. Located in Zionsville, Indiana (an Indianapolis suburb), it boast of 7 intriguing botanicals.

Light brown in the glass, aroma of eucalyptus and smoke. Char up front, menthol, vanilla, and cocoa. Short finish, a bit hot. Fairly simple and thin, and clearly for mixing, not sipping. A worthy beginning for this house, but more will be expected in future batches.

Editor’s Note: A review of the website after our review was written states the distiller is “known for his innovative, modernist, unique, and minimalist style of distilling.” Perhaps that explains the relative simplicity of the rum. Our score stands.

Charted Details

Spirit: Botanical House Rum

From: Alchemy Spirits, Zionsville, Indiana

ABV: 80%

Price: $25

Rating: 83 pts

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