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Review: 2018 Lvnea Ciliegiolo

If you are looking for a place full of indigenous varietals you won’t find anywhere else, you are heading to Italy (with a jaunt after that to Spain and Portugal). Some of these grapes are already finding their way to American wine regions, especially Texas, and we expect more to follow, especially as the Southwest ramps up wine productions.

Several Italian grape varietals have been plucked from the obscurity in the last few decades, going from only a few acres planted to easily found on the shelf of any well-stocked wine shop. Arneis is the most well-known of these. Now making its way to America is Ciliegiolo. This parent of Sangiovese literally means “cherry.” As the parent of Chianti’s main grape, it is on the upswing in Tuscany and Liguria and other lesser-known regions. It is now possible to find single varietal Ciliegiolo in America, which is how our tasting panel came to taste the 2018 Lvnea from Liguria.

Medium to light ruby in the glass, Nose of soil, rose, and blackberry. As you would expect from a grape named after a cherry, this is a softer wine in the mouth, and you certainly taste black cherry up front, follow by some forest floor notes, mace, clove, and a medium finish of strawberry, dried cherry, and light leather. Medium-high acidity, medium body. A fine wine, though a bit overpriced for what you get.

Charted Details:

Wine: 2018 Ciliegiolo

From: Cantina Lvnea

From: Liguria, Italy

Varietals: 100% Ciliegiolo

ABV: 13.5%

Price: $30

Rating: 87 points

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