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Review: 2018 Infamous Gold Cabernet Blanc

Cabernet Blanc is a grape you likely haven’t had. American Cabernet Blanc (sometimes called White Cabernet) is a style of Cabernet Sauvignon made in a rosé style, similar to White Zinfandel. This Cabernet Blanc is an actual grape varietal of 1991 Swiss origin that is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and an unknown hybrid grape, though the mystery parent is likely of the Silvaner x Chancellor family, with several other previous crosses before we got to where we are now. Grapes with such a muddled parentage are commonly referred to as complex hybrids. This grape is currently only grown in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and France. When we managed to get our hands on the 2018 Infamous Gold we of course took it, because that is exactly what this website is for.

Deep gold in the glass. Lots of peach and pear on the nose, with some pineapple and lemongrass in the background. Peach, lemon zest and pineapple up front, grass, blossom, and lime on the mid-palate, short finish of peach, melon, and rose on the finish. Medium plus body, medium low acidity. A touch of residual sugar on the backend.

Cabernet Blanc is disease resistant and versatile, making dry and dessert wines, and it has decent cold tolerance. Perhaps it will find a home in Pennsylvania and the Lower Midwest. In the meantime, try this is you get the chance.

Charted Details:

Wine: 2018 Infamous Gold Cabernet Blanc

From: F. & V. Pugibet Family

From: France

Varietals: Cabernet Blanc

ABV: 12%

Price: $18

Rating: 88 points