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Review: 2016 Red Tail Ridge Sekt Sparkling Riesling

When trends converge. The Finger Lakes, Riesling, and Sekt are all hot right now, and Red Tail combines all three in this bottling.

What is Sekt? Basically German sparkling wine made in the traditional style, and it has greatly improved in the last several years. If you see a bottle on the shelf of your local wine shelf, buy it. The ones that now make their way out of Germany have some assurance of being vetted by good wine buyers and are worth trying.

As for Red Tail, it is not surprise they are doing a Sekt style, as most of what they do contains a twist. From Pet-Nat to skin fermented whites to late harvest, most of their lineup has something that draws you in. A winery risks being too cute by half when they do that instead of just making good old wine, but as for this bottle, it works.

Light gold in the bottle, fine and persistent mousse. Good nose of gardenia, apple blossom, and lemon, with a light herbal note. Lots of apple up front, lime and rose on the mid-palate, and a lingering dry finish of pear, apricot, and lemon and a bit of slate. Moderate body, medium-high acid. Sparkling Rieslings are starting to really make their presence known in the Finger Lakes, and while some deliver better value, this one is quite good.

Charted Details:

Wine: 2016 Sekt

From: Red Tail Ridge

From: Finger Lakes

Varietals: Riesling

ABV: 12%

Price: $40

Rating: 91 points

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