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Recipe: Kumquat Gin

The best part of January is the plethora of citrus you can find at the grocery. One of our favorites is kumquat. The little fruits can be eaten whole (yes, even the peel!) and they perfectly infuse alcohol. You can use vodka for this recipe, but you should really take it up a notch by adding the botanicals found in a London gin. Add an ounce to a glass of bubbly, serve with tonic or club soda, or use in any cocktail you would use citrus vodka.

This recipe requires no boiling and will keep at room temperature for at least six months.

2 cups (around half a pound) sliced kumquats

2 pinches salt

1 (750ml) bottle of London gin (we use Beefeater)

If you desire an extra kick of spice, add a clove or two to the mix.

Put the sliced kumquats in a quart Mason jar, add salt, then top with gin. Cover jar with lid, and let steep for two to three days. Add any leftover gin to the original jar until used up. Once you use up all the gin, the kumquats make an excellent garnish for any cocktails calling for an orange slice.

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