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Cocktail Recipe: Frozen Whiskey Sours

This is the perfect sit it and forget punch recipe for a crowd. This recipe makes 30 or so cocktails. Make sure to put it in a punch bowl worthy of the festivity.

3 bottles (750ml) of bourbon whiskey (we use Bulleit or Maker's Mark)

2 quarts fresh orange juice

2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice

2 cups sugar

30 dashes of Angostura bitters

4 jars (10 ounces) of maraschino cherries (use Luxardos for a particularly fine event)

One orange, thinly sliced

Place all ingredients in a very large pan and stir to dissolve all the sugar. Dump in one of the cherry jars, juice and all, stir to combine. Strain the rest of the cherries, reserving the juice. Add the cherries to the pan, and sweeten the mix with the cherry juice until the desired sweetness is obtained.

Pour into a large plastic container or pitcher. Cover and freeze for several hours (it will never actually fully freeze).

Serve in a large punch bowl around 30 minutes before guests arrive, encouraging some of the cherries to rise to the top. Slice the orange and have them float on top. Put plenty of old fashioned glasses out for the guests to serve themselves, over ice if desired.

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