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Book Review: Chicano Eats

For those looking to expand their Mexican cuisine beyond what they can get in their local restaurant, Chicano Eats by Estaban Castillo is a worthy buy. With great recipes such as Deviled Shrimp, Green Pozole with Chicken, and Michelada Ribs, there is a lot of ground covered, covering both authentic and fusion. Wonderfully photographed, the recipes are fairly simply, with ingredients found in any well stocked grocery. Both the boozy and non-boozy drink section is well done, and not just an afterthought like some cookbooks. If you are looking for a great entry book into Mexican cuisine, this book is highly recommended.

Recipe from the book:

Pineapple-Passion Fruit Mojito

3 oz. pineapple juice

2 oz. silver rum

1 1/2 oz. passion fruit puree or pulp

1 oz. fresh lime juice

1 tsp. sugar

6 mint leaves, plus sprig for garnish


Muddle all ingredients in the bottom of a highball glass. Add in ice, top with seltzer, garnish with mint.

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